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Camp Lejeune Water Contamination
Camp Lejeune is a U.S. Marine Corps Base in Jacksonville, North Carolina that had two contaminated water supply systems from 1953 to 1987. During that time, nearly 1 million people were exposed to toxic chemicals that can cause cancer, congenital disabilities (known as birth defects), and other serious health conditions. Due to the Camp Lejeune Justice Act of 2022, anyone who lived or worked at Camp Lejeune for at least 30 days during this timeframe will be entitled to compensation. Even if you were injured decades ago or have already filed a disability claim, it’s not too late for you to be included in a Camp Lejeune water contamination lawsuit.

The Guide to Movies for Vets
Look no further. Here is a list of movies compiled with veterans in mind. War movies explore the fictional and real-life stories of soldiers. They provide a platform to discuss the challenges faced by service men and women and the sacrifices they make to overcome these challenges for a greater good.

Help for American Veterans
Over one million brave men and women serve in our armed forces, protecting our country in the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy. As any serving veteran will know, this is not an occupation that can last forever. Injury, age or familial circumstances can ensure that any honorable American may find themselves discharged from the military, and the transition to civilian life can be a struggle. The government offers advice on how to prepare for your change in circumstances, but help is at hand from a number of sources.

Home Buying Resources for Veterans
Veterans have played important roles in the history of this country. Even with their patriotic and courageous service, there seems to be an information gap about the support and resources that are available to them when they’re attempting to purchase their own home. Even active duty military personnel may not be able to find a home for their family if they think they don’t have enough money to afford one. Both veterans and active service members are searching for options on what possible financing resources they can use to purchase their home and that’s something that needs to be fixed. The Realty Medics specialize as Orlando property managers, but no matter that the need is, we’re always happy to help our veterans in any way that we can.

How Were Veterans Exposed to Asbestos?
The U.S. military used asbestos products for more than 40 years. If you’re a veteran and were exposed to this toxic dust, you may be entitled to federal benefits. Find out how to apply.

Life Cycle of a VA Appeal
An interactive, all-inclusive guide, developed to help guide vets and their families through the claim process. It''s a step by step guide where users can click through each step of the process, gain more information, and obtain the correct forms and data necessary.

Lifeline for Vets
The National Veterans Foundation (NVF) has taken reasonable steps to vet this list of Veteran resources. We believe them to be good programs working in good faith to assist veterans. In some cases, we have a direct experience in working with these organizations. In other cases, we are recommending them based on their reputation and the information we have available.

National Council for Aging Care
The U.S. is seeing a growing number of seniors who are also armed services veterans. The current median age for living Americans who served in the Korean War is 69. The Vietnam veteran population makes for a new crop of seniors with special needs – including medical issues that sometimes do not present until years later. The latest U.S. Census brief puts the number of veterans over 65 at over 12.4 million. If you have served in the military during wartime, chances are that you’ve taken advantage of education programs, career resources, and home loans available to you. But while those life issues may be behind you, there is a host of other resources to know about in your retirement years.

Resources for Veterans Looking to Learn to Code
Veterans who leave the military and enter the civilian workforce do so with valuable skills such as proven leadership skills and the ability to operate in high-pressure situations. However, many veterans find that they do need additional education to round out their skill set as they transition out of the military and into civilian careers. There are many different types of organizations that are dedicated to making coding education accessible to the nation''s finest. So if you are a veteran who is looking to learn to code, these organizations and resources can help you make that dream a reality.

Senior Call Check Program
Maryland is the first state in the country to start a free, opt-in, telephonic service to check on Maryland’s older residents, all across the state.​

Small Business & Entrepreneurship Resources and Opportunities for Military Veterans
In this guide you’ll get a comprehensive list of: Veteran-specific and military-friendly business degree programs and tech boot camps, loans and grants available to veterans, government and non-government organizations supporting veteran entrepreneurs, advice on how to get your veteran-owned business certified, resources for women veteran entrepreneurs, and general resources for entrepreneurs.

Veteran''s Guide to Starting and Financing a Small Business
Ready to start your business? Here are the best resources available for starting, running, and financing a veteran-owned business.

Addiction and Substance Abuse

Addiction and Sleep
Addiction and sleep share a problematic bidirectional relationship, where each influences the other. Many people treat sleep problems with drugs and alcohol, which can lead to addiction. People who are already addicted to drugs and alcohol undergo changes in their sleep architecture and sleep needs, forcing them to increasingly rely on their addiction in order to sleep. Once in recovery, one of the main reasons many people relapse is the discomfort and insomnia they experience, compounded by the long period of time it takes for the body to adjust back to normal sleep without drugs and alcohol. In this guide we’ll explore the common sleep disorders associated with addiction, the cyclical relationship between addiction and sleep, and suggested resources and strategies for managing sleep during recovery.

Alcoholism in Veterans
Over the last several decades, alcoholism has become a huge concern for military personnel across the United States. Current and former military face an array of challenges – unpredictable deployments, the risk of injury and being away from home. Unfortunately, alcohol is sometimes used as a coping mechanism during these difficult times. * was created to provide a better user experience for finding substance abuse treatment based on treatment models, payment, insurance taken, length of treatment and your location. You may also find addiction treatment centers by the state that you would like to go to. You will also have the ability to locate rehabs that will accept your your insurance plans; private, state and governmental.

* The VA at Perry Point VA Medical Center conducts an absolutely outstanding treatment program for veterans with substance abuse challenges--and that treatment is FREE for qualified veterans. The treatment centers contained in this websites are NOT FREE--and can cost a large amount of money. We''ve included this link because we realize that some veterans may need it for a family member.

List Of The 11 Best Inpatient Rehab Centers For Veterans
The resources identified at this site can be used as an adjunct to attendance at Alcoholics Anonymous and/or Narcotics Anonymous meetings in your local area. Contact Ted Cumings for more information on meetings in your area.

Substance Abuse Resources for Veterans
Without the sacrifices made by veterans we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the liberties we take for granted every day. The fact that we can speak freely and bear arms is just one result of these sacrifices. Unfortunately, many veterans experience traumatic events while serving our country. As a result many have turned to substance abuse to help them cope with physical and mental trauma. (A special thank you to Emily and Karen for recommending this link!)

Veteran Addition Guide
Call the helpline and put yourself on the path to recovery. Get private, confidential help from trusted professionals day and night.

Veterans and Addiction
Alcohol and prescription drug abuse are higher among active duty service members and veterans. Many of these people suffer from underlying post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Veterans And Substance Abuse
Are you a veteran struggling with a substance misuse or co-occurring disorder (PTSD, depression, anxiety, etc.)? Are you a friend or other loved one of a veteran, and you want to learn more about substance use and PTSD among veterans or the ways you can help them? If so, you’ll find the answers to your questions on this page, including information on rehab centers and VA options.

Discounts for Veterans

The Ultimate Military Discount Travel Guide
When it comes to taking advantage of a military discount, one of the biggest things you need to know is that you should simply ask! Many companies may not advertise these special offers online but are pleased to offer one when you ask and present identification.

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