Post 228 Military Register

US Flag Army Marines Navy Air Force Coast Guard POW/MIA

Name Branch Rank Served Primary Place Served Medals/HonorsA Job
Blackiston, Tyler Marines Cpl. 2008-14 Afghanistan NAM,PUC MP
Blakeney, John Tink Navy E5 1967-70 Fleet Force Various citations Combat Corp
Cannan, Giz Marines Sgt. 1969-73 Philippines Various citations Mechanic
Colache, Anthony ASAF Master Sgt. 1988-08 Europe/Korea AFEM/GC/MSM/NDSM
Crouch, Larry Army Sgt. 1968-70 Vietnam SS,BS,PH Infantry
Flynn, Kevin Marines Captain Tanks 1961-65 Okinawa Unit Citations Gun Leader
Fuhrman, Mark E. Navy E4 1968-72 Spain NDSM Electrician
Glenn, George R. Navy Seaman 1st 1945-46 China Korea NDSM Deckhand
Hagerty, George J. Navy LT 1963-87 Europe/US Various citations Cryptology
Jacobs, George Jr. Navy E4 1968-71 Vietnam BS,NDSM,AFEM,VSM Equipment
Jenkins, Brian USCG At-2 E5 1975-79 San Francisco Various citations Electronics
Jester, Jack AirForce Master Sgt. 1952-74 Japan 2-MSM AF Police
Jones, Barry Navy 3rd Class 1956-62 Cuba GC,LS Deckhand
Kille, Bill Army SP4 Tolchester, MD Supply Sgt.
King, Muilburn F. JR. AirForce Airman 1st Cl 1954-58 France Mechanic
Larrimore,Carroll C. Navy E5 1966-92 Vietnam Various citations
Lill, Joseph Army Infantry 1945-48 Many Foreign Various citations Rifleman
Lill, Joseph Navy Volunteer 1953-71 Many Foreign Various citations Aviator
O'Kane, Danny Navy E4 1967-71 Scotland Various citations Piping,Q.A.
Parks, Robert Army 1/LT 1966-68 Vietnam BS,PH Platoon Lead
Price, Olin Marines Sgt. 1965-69 2-Vietnam Various citations Mechanic
Ritchie, Robert Navy Qtr. Master II 1950-62 Key West Dolphins Navigation
Rodney, Walter JR. AirForce E4 1963-68 Turkey Various citations Inspector
Scoon, John W. JR. USCG Seaman 1st 1942-45 Mass.
Stanton, Carter G. AirForce Airman 2nd Cl 1960-64 France Various citations Mechanic
Wagner, Robert B. AirForce E6/Tech Sgt. 1972-1982 Thailand Various citations Avionics
Watson, Sidney G. JR AirForce E4 1956-61 Japan Med Tech
Campagna, Joseph Ambrose Sr. USMC E3 1973-76 Yokoshuka, Japan National Defense Medal Military Police/ Telephone Repairman
Larrimore,C.Clay U.S.Navy 1st Class P.Officer 1966-1972 Vietnam Various Combat Decorations Navigation,Meterology,Cartography
Meekins,William A. Army Medic 1965-1967 Germany Medic
Thompson.Jarrett B. Army Spc 1995- IRAQ Bronze Star Spc.
Name Branch Rank Served Primary Place Served Medals/HonorsA Job
AAbbreviation Index
AFEM Armed Forces Expedtionary Medal
BS Bronze Star
GC Good Conduct
LS Life Saving
MP Military Police
MSM Meritorious Service Medal
NAM Navy/Marine Corps Achievement Medal
NDSM National Defense Service Medal
PH Purple Heart
PUC Presidential Unit Citation
SS Silver Star
VSM Vietnam Service Medal

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