Welcome to the Sgt. Preston Ashley Gallery

The images below are courtesy of Patsy Reihl. Post 228 is eternally grateful for her help in uncovering these rare gems.

Sgt. Preston Ashley Sgt. Preston Ashley
The namesake of Post 228.

Time Line The Life of Sgt. Ashley
From birth to death, a complete timeline of Sgt. Preston Ashley's life.

Military Service Statement of Military Service
A truly impressive military record. Look at some of the awards this young man received.

Sgt. Preston Ashley At Attention
Sgt Ashley standing at attention with his trusty rifle.

Sgt. Preston Ashley Sleeping Quarters
The only way to bunk down when in Northern Africa.

Sgt. Preston Ashley In Dress Uniform
Too bad this picture is in black and white.

Notice of Death Notice of Death
The Western Union telegram Mrs. Augusta Ashley received informing her of her son's death in Africa.

Notice of Death Major General J.A. Ulio's Letter
Follow-up letter sent to Mrs. Ashley regarding the death of her son.

Emergency Relief Major General Irving Phillipson's Letter
Mrs. Ashley is offered the assistance of Army Emergency Relief.

Burial Location Major General T.B. Larkin's Letter
The Ashley family is informed of Sgt. Ashley's burial location.

Map of Tunisia Map of Tunisia
In case you find yourself in Africa, here's the location of the cemetery where Sgt Ashley is buried.

Map of Cemetery Map of North Africa American Cemetery
If you manage to find the cemetery on your trip to Africa, you'll need the cemetery map also.

Grave Marker North Africa Grave Marker
Sgt Preston Ashley's grave marker from the North Africa American Cemetery.

Grave Marker Close-up of the Grave Marker
A close-up of Sgt. Ashley's cross.

Grave Markers Our Fallen Soldiers
A very moving picture.

Kent County Kent County Army Honor List
Maryland, with 1.36 percent of the population of the Country, contributed 1.53 percent of the total number who entered the Army and 1.42 percent of the Army's total dead and missing.

Northwest Africa War North Africa Invasion
An overview of the North Africa Invasion.

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