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Maryland post giving back to community during crucial period

May 4, 2022

Through its legal gambling proceeds, Sgt. Preston Ashley American Legion Post 228 in Rock Hall, Md., is able to donate large amounts of money to various nonprofits in the area. And for some of those smaller organizations or agencies, the timing over the past two years likely couldn’t have been better.

In 2020, Post 228 distributed $26,850 and followed that up by donating $28,245 in 2021. The donations came at a time when fundraising was made more difficult by limits to large gatherings due to COVID-19 restrictions. The post itself felt that sting in 2020.

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February 11, 2020

Can you believe our website is turning 5 years old this year? Back when we first started the site, it was designed to be viewed from your desktop or laptop computer. Mobile phones and tablets weren't quite as popular as they are today. If you tried viewing our site from a mobile device, you had to scroll in every direction. It definitely wasn't a great mobile experience. ; To help celebrate the site's 5th birthday, we decided to give it an upgrade and make it responsive. What's "responsive" you might be asking? Responsive web design is a really cool way to automatically change the way a website is displayed based on how you're viewing it. Whether you're using Chrome on a laptop, Safari on your phone, or any other browser, the browser tells the site how much space it has to work with. The site then magically reorganizes itself to make use of the available space as best as it can. This results in a website that's easy to view and navigate regardless of the device or browser you're on.

Legion History of the Queen of Hearts Game

February 1, 2020

The Legion Queen of hearts game started on 3/3/17 and was open to the public. The idea was to have it start with a big splash and that is exactly what happened. All tickets were $1.00 each  and weekly payouts ranged from $10.00 and up. The final payout was 60% to the winner and 40% to the legion. The first game jackpot was $106,001.00 and lasted 50 weeks .

The second game started on 2/24/18 and had a major change in the rules. It was open to members only. This change was applauded by members. All of the other rules were kept intact. The game jackpot was $52,200.00 and lasted 54 weeks.

The third game started 4/3/19 and had major changes. The tickets were no longer $1.00 each. They were $5.00 each or 5 tickets for $20.00. This simplified things immensely and the payouts weekly were changed to 10% of whatever was collected for the week. This improved the interest in the game because the weekly payouts increased substantially and the final payout to the winner was 70% and 30% to the Legion The game jackpot was $36,238.00 and lasted 38 weeks.

The fourth game started on 1/17/20 and is currently in progress. There were no changes to the rules and presently as of 1/28/20 the jackpot is $2,779.00.

The Legions portion of all winnings have been used to repair and upgrade the Legion. Our next goal is to improve the parking lot and then to extend the entrance area in the lounge. 

Rock Hall Hometown Heroes

November 10, 2016

In case you missed the Kent paper last week, here's a copy of our hometown heroes. Enjoy!

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Intermittent Web Availability

November 15, 2015

For the past few weeks our website has been going through a series of ups and downs. Some people could access the site while others could not. For the past few days the site has been completely unreachable. Our hosting company, the people who actually store the files that make up our site, has been having technical issues, or so they said. After doing a bit of investigating, I found out that the company we use for hosting, the same company Ive been personally using for around 5 years, suffered a malicious attack which has brought them basically to their knees. They are losing customers by the thousands and will, in all honesty, probably end up closing their doors permanently.

Armed with this knowledge, I contacted GoDaddy, another web hosting company you may have heard of (they usually run their ads during the Superbowl). I explained our current situation to them and discussed how to expedite the transfer of our site. They have bent over backwards to help us. We managed to quickly get the physical files that make up our site transferred to our new hosting home. They completely handled the transferring of our domain ( so it would point to the files located at GoDaddy. The only delays we encountered were when we needed to contact our previous host to get them to release our domain to GoDaddy. This process took almost an entire week and resulted in our site going offline for days. I apologize for this. I was hoping to have the site transferred without too much of a service interruption. It didnt work out that way though.

Were back up now. All ties to our old hosting company have been severed. GoDaddy is behind us 100%. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the site!

We Have a Facebook Page!!!

November 11, 2015

As most of you know, the Riders have a Facebook page. Now, thanks to Chelsie Blackiston, Post 228 has an official Facebook page too!!! Just scroll down to the bottom of any page on our site and click the Facebook icon. A new page will open up and youll be brought right to our Facebook page. Thanks for all your hard work, Chelsie!!!

Make sure you stop by and like our new Facebook page!

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